It does not consider

It does not consider That is why the attention concentrates on certain objects, instead of on everyone and strongwilled action chooses a field of activity from many possibilities.

The highest mental work is made by analogy to work of internal attention and will.

Mind allocates essential properties of things, associates, thanks to it, images and keeps them.

It does not consider an enormous ballast which turns its contents into something shapeless and confused.

Everyone developed mind distinguishes important things from superficial, rejecting the last, and, thus, can create something essential, clear, real and live.

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Pupils should

Pupils should For example, Amelie let's to me smell sal ammoniac perception.

What awful, began to smell! feeling I do not want more it to smell will.

George pulled me for hair, perception Me painfully! feeling I pushed away himwill.

School rights.


With Certainly, such technique destroys any inspiration, creativity.

Pupils should follow, the phrase behind the phrase, to instructions of the teacher.

Therefore, the independent composition disappears absolutely.

The child is deprived of a material for creativity, ability to create so if tomorrow the material arises in consciousness, desire it will not embody vanishes also.

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It means ~but to choose

It means ~but to chooseFirst phase of independent development by children public trance ~port it is possible to call adaptable.

It is an accustoming phase, ~niya, a prilazhivaniye of to requirements of a new situation.

At this stage the task of the child consists in that everything to make ~vilno and without adventures to reach to the destination.

It means ~but to choose number of the bus, a trolleybus or a tram, not to stumble, notto fall, not to lose on the road of the things, not to be the crumpled stream ~ly people and to leave at the necessary stop.

The child knows that it is necessary to rememberabout a set of rules it is necessary to punch the coupon, to buy the ticket orto show a travel card, when crossing the street ~ it is necessary to lookon the left, and ~ to the right though often unsteadily remembers, where the right and where it is leftetc.

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That this

That this Force you can in any case, but it is necessary to us, that the child carried out that or it willingly, and even with enthusiasm, and here without positive emotions not to manage.

Think out the hero, and – that it there should do to brush teeth to go to bed Here let also does that it is necessary to the child.

But it is desirable to meet one condition.

That this hero did not bore, let it appears at the right time.

And in intervals between, for example, procedures – @@, about it do not tell.

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In similar

In similar When geometrical samples already are adequately acquired, reference representations are created, children cease to need real figures samples for definition of a form of subjects, but the contour obvedeniye remains the way, helping to allocate still for a long time with a finger a form, to compare it with a standard.

By this way resort not only younger, but also average preschool children, and in inconvenient cases it is frequent also seniors.

In similar cases the hand does not act as an organ of touch.

It carries out practical action of an obvedeniye, plays a supporting role in relation to sight, helping an eye to examine a subject contour consistently.

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